After logging in, you will find a chat bar at the bottom of the page.



Access to the CARB-TCMPA Chat Room might need you to enter the chat room password. This password has been sent to you in your welcome email.

Click on the CARB-TCMPA Chat Room link.


Once entered in the Chat room, you will see three icons on the upper header.

You can popout the chat room by clicking on the “popout chat room” icon.



In the chat room menu, you can also configure the following options :

Keep Room Open : You should leave this option active as it will alow you to come back in the chat room when loging in.
Chat Room Sounds : Activate this option to whish to ear a sound when a member add a message.
Always Show Names : Show names instead of Guest number.

Left to the Private Chat room window, you will find a simple chat icon that weill allow you to start a chat with a unique user while chating with the group.





If you experience any issue while using the chat, please contact me at