Pan-Canadian Examinations

CARB-TCMPA administers the Pan-Canadian Entry-level Examinations in TCM and Acupuncture (the “Pan-Canadian Examinations”). The Pan-Canadian Examinations assess occupational competencies of entry-level TCM professionals that are required for safe, competent, and ethical practice. Successful completion of the Pan-Canadian Examinations is required for registration as a TCM Practitioner, Acupuncturist or TCM Herbalist , along with other requirements imposed by the provincial regulator.

The Pan-Canadian Examinations include the following three examinations:

  1. Pan-Canadian Entry-level Examinations for TCM Practitioners (the “TCM Practitioners Examination”),
  2. Pan-Canadian Entry-level Examinations for Acupuncturists (the “Acupuncturists Examination”), and
  3. Pan-Canadian Entry-level Examinations for TCM Herbalists (the “TCM Herbalists Examination”).

The TCM Practitioners Examination assesses occupational competencies that are common to acupuncture and herbology, as well as competencies that are specific to acupuncture and herbology. The Acupuncturists Examination assesses the common competencies as well as those specific to acupuncture. The TCM Herbalists Examination assesses the common competencies as well as those specific to herbology.

In order to pass a Pan-Canadian Examination, a candidate must demonstrate the minimum level of competence expected of an entry-level TCM professional in the designated role. Unsuccessful candidates on the Pan-Canadian Examinations are the ones that have not yet acquired the required occupational competencies.

For more information on the Pan-Canadian Examinations, read the candidate handbook.

To register for the Pan-Canadian Examinations candidates must apply through their provincial college.